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Nanjing Xuedian Lighting Co.,LtdInc. is the leading manufacture Specialist in production of Pneumatic Telescopic Masts and Mobile Lighting Tower in China.We supply a wide range of Telescopic Masts and Mobile Lighting Towers and solutions for various application such as Fire Departments/Rescue,Police/Security Military Applications,Broadcast and Media,Mobile Transmission ...   Sep 12, 2016  Pneumatic Telescopic Mast/ Portable antenna mast
Sep 12, 2016  Mast Wind-Loading & Survival
Sep 12, 2016  Electro-mechanical Aluminium Telescopic Masts (Unguyed)
Sep 09, 2016  Night Hawk Light Towers/Mobile Light Towers
Sep 09, 2016  High Mast Lighting Poles/ Golf Course Lighting
Contact:Lee Address: Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Qinhuai District Jiangning Road on the 5th
Tel:0086-25-85358001 0086-18151686252 QQ:34083670 Skype:dongsheng.lio1